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Abby Haas

Assistant Trainer

Abby has a passion for being the voice for animals and advocating for them.  She knows that dogs depend on people to take care of them and keep them safe.  Loving and caring for a dog is a big responsibility and it is important that owners have the best interest of their dogs in mind.  She grew up with dogs being a very important part of her family and was intrigued by the roles they played and how they were communicated.  Abby is fascinated by how intelligent and complex dogs are and finds it very rewarding to find ways to communicate with them.  


Abby joins CDT with a diverse background in animal care (horses and lots and lots of dogs), customer service, and being a first responder.  She knows how to communicate effectively and act quickly, making time sensitive decisions while remaining calm amongst the chaos!  Abby is always brimming with great ideas and enthusiasm, while being very down to earth and practical.  She likes working with CDT because we really focus on communication between owner and dog while offering solid solutions and support during the training journey. 


In her spare time, Abby loves to bake, be outside, paint and throw axes (!).  

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