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Beth Mulford
Trainer, Kids Programs Instructor

Beth loves connecting with dogs both kinesthetically and cognitively knowing that they promote healthy living and unconditional love. She believes that a dog that knows what is expected of him will become a well balanced dog.  Beth has a strong interest in creating a balance of basic care, social needs, and cognitive needs between a dog and his owner and family. She is very interested in the different breeds of dogs and has a strong passion for learning and sharing knowledge. 


Beth has a Masters degree in Education and has been a teacher and educator for 25 years.  She thrives in the learning and teaching environment!  She has also spent 35 plus years riding and training horses and sees lots of parallels between horses and dogs.  Beth's extensive education experience and horse training experience make her an incredible member of the CDT team.


Beth enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking, paddling, gardening, cooking, equestrian activities, boating, and being creative. She loves to travel with her husband and 13 and 15-year old sons.  She loves being a mom to both her boys and their 2 dogs, Sadie (Australian Cattle Dog) and Leo (Jack Russell Terrier). 

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