Board and Train

Dogs live at our facility for 2 weeks* and are fully immersed in an individualized training program.  Dogs learn leash exercises and basic obedience, use the agility equipment, socialize with other dogs, and learn how to be calm and balanced.  Dogs are often taken to local parks, downtown, and to local shopping centers to sharpen their skills with increased distractions.  All dogs learn basic obedience including sit/stay, down/stay, heel, place, come, and crate training.  We also resolve behavior problems such as anxiety, fear, aggression, reactivity, and bad manners.  Dogs leave with a new outlook and the owners are taught to handle the dogs in a way that continues the training in the home environment.  Board and Train is the perfect option for owners who do not have time to work regularly with their dogs, dogs with behavior problems that are too difficult or dangerous to resolve in the home, and anyone who wants to enjoy a vacation and come back to a very well trained dog!  Most Board and Train dogs also come back as regular boarding dogs for future owner vacations to brush up on their skills.  They also are invited to attend special group classes open only to Board and Train students.  Puppies must be at least 6 months old to participate in a Board and Train. 

Two weeks = $1,690

Includes on-site consultation, 14 days of boarding with training, one turnover lesson at pick up, one follow-up lesson, prong collar, remote collar, and group lessons.   


*Additional days can be added for Board and Train dogs and will be priced based on the level of training required.  

Single Training Session Add-on for Boarding/Day Care dogs - $30

Unaltered dogs (both male and female) over the age of 8 months = Additional $10 per day 

Preparing a dog for a new baby -

heeling by a stroller.

Field Trip down town.

Working on cat aggression...

Oz the cat is very tolerant of new dogs.

We train dogs of all shapes and sizes and can work on reactivity issues.

A puppy learning "Place" alongside an adult dog who has it mastered.

Yorkshire terrier learns basic obedience with remote collar in 2-week Board and Train

A year-old lab who is excitable and stubborn. Two-week Board and Train.

A young lab who is very excitable and anxious. Two-week Board and Train.​

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