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Casey McConville

Casey has loved animals and has been drawn to them for as long as long as she can remember. She sees dogs as a positive force that connect very innately with humans. As a young girl, she used her experience with riding horses to train her family’s German Shepherd. She saw the parallels between how horses and dogs think and perceive humans, teaching herself a lot about how to communicate with animals.

Casey is the most interested in helping insecure and anxious dogs by providing them with structure and boundaries, so that they can feel safe.  The transformation of watching the dogs build confidence through consistency and clarity, is truly the most rewarding thing for her when she can get them to finally reveal their true personalities.  She also really enjoys working with puppies and adolescent dogs and sees it as a pivotal opportunity to use training to set dogs up for success and can watch them flourish as they grow.

In Casey's spare time she enjoys reading, knitting, making music (singing and playing guitar) and spending time with her family. She also loves super hero movies and Star Wars, video games, astronomy and psychology.

Casey's dedication and natural ability to connect with dogs make her a great fit for the CDT team! 


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