Dogs are naturally social animals who live by the rules of well organized packs.  It is important to maintain the social skills that exist naturally and/or create new ones through regular interactions with other dogs.  Dogs who have not experienced being part of a group, or who have had negative experiences with other dogs in the past, need even more help to gain confidence and comfort in social settings.  At Chesapeake Dog Training, socializing dogs is an important part of the foundation of a balanced and healthy dog.  We offer several options for socializing to accommodate dogs of all sizes and abilities.  

Play Groups

Play Groups are scheduled for Large Dogs (dogs over 25 pounds) and Small Dogs (dog under 25 pounds, or approved puppies).  Dogs are dropped off by their owners and then closely supervised by trainers in play for 2 hours.  Dogs learn to socialize with a variety of different breeds and ages in a very safe and controlled environment.   


All dogs MUST be students of Chesapeake Dog Training and MUST reserve a space ahead of time as limited space is available.  Reservations can be made through the Gingr portal.  

Single session - $24


Boarding with an Emphasis on Socialization

All boarding dogs experience socialization to some degree, but some require more time and training to acclimate into the main pack.  The trainers at Chesapeake Dog Training are highly skilled in using different methods to safely introduce dogs and manage them in a group. 

For dogs that wish to have a more intensive socialization experience, a Private Training Session "Add-on" is a great opportunity to improve socialization skills for more complex dogs during boarding.  In some cases, we also work to get dogs more comfortable around children.  

Single session Add-On: $30

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