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750C Generals Highway

Millersvile, MD 21108

5,200 square foot, indoor climate controlled space

CDT group classes add another level of depth and experience to our students training plans.  They are designed to practice what dogs and owners have learned in private lessons, daycare, or board and train packages, but in a more distracting group setting. Group classes are a fun way for dogs and owners to share their training experiences with fellow students and take their training to the next level.

Group classes can either be purchased as a package or a single class.  Open enrollment classes will be held on a weekly basis with a rotating curriculum.  Students may purchase a 4 lesson package and cover all the topics included in the course, or purchase a single class to drop-in for subjects of interest or focused help. 

All group classes are 1 hour. 

Puppy Group Class (8-24 weeks)    

  • 4 class package - $140   

  • Single class - $38  ​

* See Puppy Program for details

When: Every Saturday @ 11:30am AND @ 1:00pm

Week 1 - Sit/Down

Week 2 - Greetings and Leash Walking

Week 3 - Come

Week 4 - Place

Week 5 (if applicable) - Trainers discretion 

* Please ensure the correct class time is selected when requesting - AM VS PM

Beginner Group Class (recommended for dogs 5mo - 12mo.)

Designed to introduce dogs and owners to a prong collar and transitioning to 'adult style' training

  • 4 Week Course - $150, includes prong collar 

When: Upcoming series :  January 10th- January 31st 2021 | Sundays @ 11:30am - 12:30pm

10/18 : Week 1 - Into to prong collar/ Heel and Sit

10/25: Week 2 - Advanced Heel, Down/Stay, Break

11/1: Week 3 - Place

11/8: Week 4 - Come/Recall 

* Please note: This class does not allow drop-in's and is designed as a 4 week course where owners must attend each week consecutively.  Prong collars will be provided and included in the price.

Intermediate Group Class (6 mo. and older)

Designed for dogs who have completed a board and train, dayschool, or a private training package.

  • 4 class package - $140

  • Single class - $38

When: Every Sunday @ 10am

Week 1 - Heel

Week 2 - Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Break

Week 3 - Place

Week 4 - Come/Recall 

Week 5 (if applicable) - Trainers discretion 


* Group Class size will be strictly enforced to minimize the number of people. 

* Masks and social distancing are required for all classes.


Vaccine Requirements

Canine Flu (Bivalent/influenza)
Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
Distemper (DHLPP, should include parainfluenza)


** Puppies will not be required to have the above vaccines until they are old enough to receive them **


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