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Heather Deckert

Assistant Trainer

Heather has always loved dogs and been interested in how they learn.  She has lived with dogs her whole life and loves teaching them new things.  Heather especially likes getting to know the individual personalities of dogs since that helps her figure out which different training methods will work best to teach them.  Heather has a very calm and yet confident energy that dogs love.  One of her many strengths with dogs is reading their body language and managing their social interactions.  She is a master at knowing the preferences and personalities of each and every dog in our daycare pack and teaching them how to get along and have fun.


Heather started as a student with CDT with her her 4-year old rottweiler named Honey.  The skills Heather showed and the experience she gained in working through Honey's reactivity and behavioral challenges make her a true asset to our training team.

Heather likes working with CDT because she enjoys the challenge of fixing any problem and finding a solution through training and good communication between dogs and people.  She knows that the stronger the bond between owners and their dogs, the happier everyone is! 

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