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Open Gym Rules of Conduct

  • Owners must follow all guidelines and instructions of CDT staff

  • Dogs must be comfortable in a group environment around other dogs and people (highly reactive dogs and aggressive dogs are not permitted).

  • Dogs must meet group class vaccination requirements (Bordetella, distemper, canine influenza H3N2/H3N8, and rabies)

  • Dogs must be on leash and under owner control at all times unless the dog/owner are by themselves on the small side of the facility.  NO retractable leashes allowed

  • Dogs must accompany their owner or be crated if the owner needs to leave the room

  • Dogs should not be allowed to meet on leash

  • A maximum number of 2 people are allowed per dog

  • Parents are responsible for minors - NO children under 10 years of age and no children under 18 without adult supervision

  • Treat other owners with respect.  Please communicate with each other about equipment needs and use of the space

  • Please close all gates and doors behind you

  • Treat our equipment with care and respect.  All equipment is for dogs only and owners should notify staff with any questions or concerns

  • Owners are responsible for putting away any equipment used before leaving

  • Please do not touch the thermostat and ask a staff member if you need the temperature adjusted.

  • Water will be provided outside.  Owners can provide their own water but should clean up any spills as they happen

  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog

    • Outside: Bags and waste bin are provided

    • Inside accidents: Instructions are provided at each cleaning station

  • Owners are allowed to book multiple time slots on the same day, but must have a reservation for each time slot

  • 4 reservations per time slot will be taken and reservations should be made in advance through the client portal

  • Payment is required at the time of reservation and refunds will not be given for missed attendance

  • Owners are allowed to bring multiple dogs per time slot booked but must have the additional dog(s) listed in the reservation notes.  We must also have vaccinations on file for all dogs

  • Owners with multiple dogs must work with 1 dog at a time - other dogs should be crated or can be tethered in Place if the dogs/owner are by themselves on the small side of the facility

  • Owner belongings are to be kept on the hooks at the small gated exit area at the front to keep them out of reach of the dogs

  • Owners will enter through the lobby and leave through the gated exit area on the far side of the training room

These rules are subject to change at our discretion and will be updated as necessary

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