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Good Dogs, Happy People

"Wonderful trainers with a wealth of experience. I took a group Good Citizen Dog class and was amazed at all the different suggestions and strategies utilized for each dog. Professional and skilled! I highly recommend CDT."

- Lynne

Can't say enough great things about Chesapeake Dog Training. They work with you, and take time to listen to what you need. The change in my dogs is amazing. I would highly recommend Chesapeake Dog Training to any dog owners/lovers!

- James 

I absolutely recommend the trainers at Chesapeake Dog Training to anyone that is looking for dog training from some wonderful trainers on a personal level. We rescued a one-year-old Weimeraner. Tessa was a fantastic dog, full of love, but also full of energy and without any training. It was a chore to walk her, and our arms/shoulders would ache from how hard she pulled on the leash. ...We can't thank the trainers at Chesapeake Dog Training enough...


...I can't say enough good things about Chesapeake Dog Training. ...From easy scheduling to a meeting in a variety of different training environments she was always extremely friendly, helpful and identified many character traits of our new and older dog that would have taken us much longer to find out without the training. ...We now feel infinitely more confident to be in a variety of situations with both of our dogs and have the tools to make sure we are always in control. ...I thoroughly recommend Chesapeake Dog Training for anyone thinking of getting a dog and wants to start out on the right foot or that has a dog already and want help with obedience training. It is worth every penny with Chesapeake Dog Training... ​


Can’t say enough. Our pup was a real challenge and Linda and Beth found a way to reach her. It’s only been hours since we’ve had her home and life is dramatically different. We had our dog out and about with what used to be a headache and is now a pleasure. Great people and fantastic results.

- Tim


Linda is an excellent instructor and she worked wonders with our anxious and energetic young beagle. She's very knowledgeable and professional, offering highly individualized training for both the dog and the owner. She's thoughtful, patient and a pleasure to work with.

- Holly

I highly recommend Chesapeake Dog Training, LLC! My sweet Gus attended their board and train program for two weeks and I could not be more pleased! He worked with Linda and Bethany, who added him to their family for the past two weeks. Overall, Gus is a very low maintenance pup. He is very calm and chill. However, I decided to sign him up for puppy school to kick start his training, as sometimes he has a mind of his own. After picking him up, I saw a dramatic change in his listening skills and behavior. I would highly recommend a board and train program. All of the staff is extremely friendly, kind, and experienced. They provided you with a packet that you are encouraged to read while your pup is at school. That way you will know what to expect at pick up. They provide you with an overview of how your pup did before getting them and demonstrate the training skills your puppy learned/had been working on. This is worth every penny and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Gus had so much fun and learned a lot as well. They took him on daily field trips and practiced training in many different environments! They exceeded my expectations and you will not be disappointed

- Sara

What an amazing trainer! Truly a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend Linda to train or board your dog. She is professional, kind & will amaze you with her training capabilities. We sent our 1yr old lab puppy to work with Linda for two weeks, & our dog has come back to us with an unbelievable amount of obedience training. The best advice I can give any dog owner is to send their dog to Linda, trust her knowledge (as she knows what she's doing) & follow Linda's after care instructions (which she gave us verbally, but she also gave us instructions in writing/hard copy so we have something to refer back to if need be). Oh, also, regarding price, for what she does, her pricing is extremely reasonable. Don't make the mistake we did and go to the cheapest place you can find. We did that first and might as well flushed our money down the drain. I wish we had gone with Linda from the beginning. She has earned our business for life! Thank you, Linda!


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