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Training Philosophy

Chesapeake Dog Training (CDT) is committed to connecting people and dogs through training.  Building a solid means of communication no matter the age or breed of dog is the key to enjoying a meaningful relationship. 


CDT trainers are balanced in their methods and use a blend of praise and correction to communicate with a dog to shape and/or eliminate behaviors.  Taking into consideration the three fundamental elements; obedience, socialization, and fitness, trainers develop an individual training program for each dog and owner.  We do not focus on formal or competition obedience or agility, but rather on creating stable and happy family pets that are comfortable in different situations and are easy to manage in the home.  We work to keep training plans as simple and practical as possible so that owners can be successful and maintain the training. 


CDT staff have worked closely with the SPCA and other rescues, so understand what it takes to rehabilitate a dog that has an unknown or difficult past.  In transforming adult dogs with behavior problems, CDT also recognizes the extreme importance of raising puppies well using basic obedience and socialization with other animals.


Our trainers regularly attend workshops and complete courses to learn more about the constantly evolving field of dog training.  Learning new skills and techniques to pass along to our students is critical to creating such individualized training programs.  

Chesapeake Dog Training is made up of animal care professionals with unique an diverse backgrounds including; zoo keeping/management and training of exotics, the SPCA, pet sitting businesses, dog boarding businesses, and even some of our best students.  Our team is hardworking, creative, and passionate about training, people, and dogs. 

Our Team
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