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Lindy Burkhart

Group Class Instructor

Lindy has spent a lifetime loving and working with animals.  From training her family’s dogs, to caring for and exercising quarter horses, to competing in obedience competitions, Lindy has been in awe of animal’s inherent abilities and many times untapped capabilities.    While in the Marine Corps and deployed overseas, Lindy experienced the truly amazing skills of Military Working Dogs in many different capacities and situations.  After retirement, Lindy adopted a Military K9 unable to complete its program and also rescued another puppy from a difficult situation.  

As a lifelong Marine and Fire Fighter, Lindy has spent a career training, developing, and improving team capabilities and mentoring young people and has a deep desire, passion, and patience, to help others exceed their own expectations.  Once adopting and working with troubled dogs Lindy found that same desire to help dogs build confidence and channel their energy in positive ways.  

Lindy came to CDT and quickly immersed herself in the programs and training philosophy we believe in and teach.  She has successfully channeled her own dog’s behavior through K9 nose work and scent work sports and activities.  Her biggest joy is seeing owners and dogs grow and learn together to bring out the best in both and nurture a lifelong respect and bond between dog and family.

Lindy’s hobbies and volunteer work include working with Search and Rescue teams, Search and Rescue dog teams, and a local dairy farm.  Lindy is a 30yr Volunteer Fire Lieutenant and EMT/Paramedic and human mental health care provider and is certified in Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid by Pet Emergency Education.

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