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Nosework & Scentwork

Chesapeake Dog Training is always looking for ways to connect people and their dogs. Better understanding of the dog’s primary means of experiencing the world around them can really shed light onto how a dog processes so much of the world that humans can’t see or really understand.  Instructor Lindy Burkhart has a real passion for sharing with others how incredible a dog’s sense of smell is and what to look for to understand what a dog is really doing with their nose.  CDT offers a variety of nosework and scentwork activities for you and your dog.

Private Lessons

Nosework Lessons

Nosework is the fun search and hunt activity that virtually all dogs love.  Bring out the curiosity, build confidence, mentally and physically exercise your dog with this easy to learn activity and sport; in a safe, positive, and fun way! Young and not so young teams can start the journey of learning to seek, problem solve, and exercise their most complex sense regardless of age or breed.  Watch your dog and your relationship with your dog grow, as you both learn to tap into their ability to hunt for food and novel smells!!

  • 5 Lesson Package - $375

Scentwork Lessons

For those who have completed our Intro to Nosework course or Private Nosework Lessons, you can continue to develop your dog's incredible abilities to identify target odors and build discipline into their favorite new game.  We will begin to work with the  three NACSW and AKC target odors of birch, anise, and clove and build upon you and your dog's basic foundation of Nosework.

  • 4 Lesson Package - $375 introductory supplies will be provided

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