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Chesapeake Dog Training stands alone from other local dog training companies...

...because of its highly skilled and passionate staff coupled with it’s unique depth of methods and services.  The staff at CDT are a strong team of trainers and animal care professionals with diverse and interesting backgrounds.  They come together with a drive for helping owners to better understand and communicate with their pet dogs. 
The most unique aspect of CDT is the wide variety of services that can be incorporated into training plans.  Using methods and techniques blended from many different sources and styles of training, the CDT trainers are able to individualize every training plan. By strategically combining basic obedience training, socialization opportunities, and fitness components, the holistic results are a balanced and well-rounded dog.  We will help you transform your dog into a well behaved and more balanced member of your family! 
Our Story

CDT staff are a strong team of animal professionals with diverse and interesting backgrounds 


We offer a great depth of services to allow for individualized and comprehensive training plans

Contact Us / Locations

We offer different services at our Millersville and Annapolis locations. Learn more about our hours and availability

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