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Virtual Training

Virtual Private Lessons

* Using Google Meets, WhatsApp, or phone

Virtual lessons allow you to stay in the comfort of your own home (or wherever you want to be!), reduce travel time and trouble, and can be highly customized.   The lessons can be geared towards our usual basic obedience program for puppies or adult dogs, work through behavioral concerns, provide guidance on managing pack dynamics in homes with multiple dogs, and/or allow for very specific instruction and guidance in the space and time where they happen.  CDT trainers may also use dogs to demonstrate skills and methods during the lessons.  


Virtual lessons can also be added to in-person training packages to allow for an even greater depth of our services.

Virtual Lesson Pricing:

Consultation (1 hour) - $140

4-Lesson package (4, 1-hour lessons) - $425

Single lesson after completion of package (1 hour) - $85

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