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Our Services

Chesapeake Dog Training offers a large variety and diversity of services to meet many needs.  Training programs are individualized to help dogs and their owners achieve their goals.  With two separate locations, each offering a slightly different experience, and a wide range of services; trainers can help owners create the perfect training plan for each dog.  Owners can be intimately involved in the training process, or can opt for a program where trainers work directly with the dogs at our facilities.  CDT is committed to it's clients progress both short and long term.  We aim to create a community of like-minded dog owners where we can severe as a continual resource and offer programs that allow dogs to progress through a diverse training experience. 

Before participating in any of the CDT services, all dogs must complete a consultation and/or private lessons.

This allows us to get to know dogs, assess current behaviors, and understand owner's needs and goals.

Private Training

Meet with one of our skilled trainers for private lessons to develop a personalized training plan.


Daycare training with structured socialization, training, and rest time.

Virtual Training

Receive help with training from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you wish!

Board and Train

Immerse your dog in training, socialization, and structure, in our board & train program. 

Group Classes

Take your dog's training to the next level with our fun group classes. 

Nosework & Scentwork

Bring out the curiosity, build confidence, mentally and physically exercise your dog with our Nosework & Scentwork program.

Day School

A structured training and socialization experience at our Millersville location

Puppy Program

Get your pup off to a good start with our AKC Puppy Program.

Kid Classes

Classes specfically for kids to learn about animal behavior, communication, and training.

Pack Walks

Join CDT for regularly scheduled Pack Walks to work on your dog's leash walking manners around others.

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