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Millersville | 750c Generals Highway

Annapolis | 1307 President Street

Puppy Program - Millersville


750C Generals Highway

Millersville, MD 21108

5,200 square foot, mostly indoor conditioned space

CDT is excited to announce a new puppy program that focuses on specific developmental stages while allowing for a great deal of flexibility with scheduling.  The program is geared towards puppies completing the AKC STAR program. 

Puppies learn basic obedience, socialization, and fitness, while owners learn more detail about how puppies think and learn, and how to be a responsible puppy owner.  CDT has created this comprehensive program so that puppies get a proper start and become balanced and well behaved dogs.

Puppy Program - $350

  • In-home consultation (1.5 hour)

  • 4 group classes (See group class info)

  • 2 puppy socialization sessions

  • AKC S.T.A.R class *

*STAR class held the last Sunday of every month

            Program Breakdown


Consultation/orientation: The consultation is a 90 minute in-home lesson geared toward addressing basic puppy care where we discuss the supplies and preparation needed to set your puppy up for success.  This lesson will cover potty training, crate training, socialization of your puppy and address standard puppy behaviors of chewing, mouthing and biting. This is best conducted before coming to your first group lesson and can even be done before receiving your puppy so you are ready to go from the start!

Group Classes


These are all 60 minute lessons conducted at our indoor Millersville location.  They can be taken in any order or can be repeated if there is a particular issue you would like to work on.  Each lesson will focus on specific behaviors and will include time for desensitization and socialization.


Some supplies provided but please bring food/treats, clean up bags (required for STAR puppy certification), your puppy’s equipment, and of course, your puppy!


Class 1:  Sit & Down

This class focuses on teaching your puppy to “Sit” and “Down” and lays the groundwork for teaching both with an implied stay.  We teach you how to get your puppy to give or trade items readily and work on desensitizing your puppy to brushing & nail trimming.

Class 2:  Greeting & Leash Walking/Heel

This class focuses on proper greeting, leash walking (the beginnings of a formal “Heel”), and proper manners at a threshold (doors/gates).   We will also show you how to address the common problem of jumping puppies and work on desensitizing your puppy for vet exams.


Class 3:  Come

This class focuses on teaching your puppy a good recall.  We show you how to guide your puppy around, over and through obstacles and new surfaces to boost confidence and strengthen puppy/leader relationships.


Class 4:  Place

This class focuses on teaching your puppy how to “Place” and is the foundation for teaching an adult dog how to get calm.  We also practice how to desensitize your puppy to environmental distractions like bicycles, trash cans, and other household noise.

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